GOP raises, then wastes, donor $. Then brags.

Taddeo Trumps GOP, Dems winning again!
September 26, 2017

Imagine for a moment that you put aside your principles and became a donor to the Republican party….

You watched with glee as they worked to undermine health care, defund local services, raise insurance rates, and send people after local undocumented workers and their families.

You smile as it looks like you’re going to keep a state senate seat vacated by one of your guys, who went on an awful, bigoted rant against fellow lawmakers.

Then you lose that race, watching $6 million of (partly) your money go down the drain.

THEN – only 3 weeks after blowing through that money and losing the race, Republicans issue a press release bragging about how much money they’ve raised.

Yay team, right?!

Don’t you think that if you were a GOP donor (the thought makes us shudder and gag), you’d be mightily pissed, raining down upon the people who sent out that release with righteous anger and furious justice?

Then don’t you think, in your anger, you’d donate here?

Of course you would.