Darkness post eclipse

Pepi Fails the Trump Sanity Test
August 18, 2017
Medium: You Are the Company You Keep
August 26, 2017

As the shadow of the moon races away from the US, FL is left with its own brand of darkness:

Our state legislature.

Our legislature and governor have systematically sucked the light from education budgets, environmental protections, and consumer protections. Higher taxes, higher fees, more pollution, and poorer schools has resulted.

YOU SHOULD STILL TAKE PRECAUTIONS: We advise you not to stare too long at the face of Jose “Pepi” Felix Diaz, lest you lose sight of what Florida truly needs.

USE PROTECTION: If you must look at Diaz, we advise you use solar glasses, or if you have none, just squint in a disapproving way.

PLUG YOUR EARS TOO: Lest you be subject to his misleading ads.

We must bring Florida more permanently back into the light.

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